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Lightning protection for PBX and telephone switching equipment

Telephone equipment connected to the outside world is susceptible to lightning surges.

In the telephone exchange system, the station line from the telecommunication carrier is wired to the MDF in the building, and then through the PBX telephone exchange, and again through the MDF to each telephone. In many cases, telephone lines have many lines and the wiring length is long, so they are easily affected by lightning surges.
If a phone line that is naturally connected to the outside world is interrupted by a lightning surge, it can have a huge impact on business activities.
In order to reduce the risk of lightning, lightning countermeasures are essential.

Dangers if no measures are taken
  • Interruption of external/internal calls due to damage to PBX
  • Loss of business due to phone outage

Lightning protection points for PBX and telephone switching equipment

Countermeasure points
Since lightning surges may enter from external station lines, install a SPD for telephone lines (Model: SPU-T170J) in the station line of the PBX telephone switchboard to protect the telephone switchboard. Also, install an SPD for the power supply to the PBX telephone switchboard. Also, if extensions are not completed in the same building, SPD for telephone lines (SL-GVJ series) must be installed for the extensions as well. If you need to deal with a large number of telephone lines, we also offer LSA-Plus Clone, NUCS, and UCS terminal compatible products (SPU series) that support multiple terminals.

For even more effective protection against lightning, we recommend installing a lightning transformer instead of a power SPD in the power supply of the PBX telephone switchboard. By insulating the primary and secondary sides of the lightning transformer, the intrusion of lightning surges can be prevented more reliably.

Installation example

Lightning protection products for PBX and telephone switching equipment