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Lightning protection for LAN systems

Lightning Protection for Diversified Network LANs

LANs are now used not only for PCs, but also for security systems such as ITV surveillance cameras, etc. Here, we will introduce lightning countermeasures for LANs in office internal networks.
While wireless LANs are becoming more and more popular, wired LANs are still used in some office networks from the perspective of transmission speed, radio wave conditions, and security measures. When implementing lightning protection for PCs, it is also essential to take measures for LANs. If a server or PC is damaged by lightning, there is a possibility that the data will be lost.
In addition, when buildings are connected to each other on the same site by LAN cables, there is a risk of lightning surges entering from outside and a risk of potential differences due to the long wiring length, so further measures are recommended.

Dangers if no measures are taken
  • oss of data in the PC, damage to the PC
  • Loss of data in the server, damage to the PC
  • Loss of telephone service

Lightning protection points for LAN systems

Countermeasure points
Install the insulated type lightning protector for LAN (model: OLA-PT1000) in the vicinity of the protected equipment connected to the LAN (in this case, servers, routers, PCs, etc.). Since the insulated type lightning protector for LAN does not require grounding, it is ideal for use with ungrounded equipment such as PCs. In addition, servers and routers for business use may be grounded, in which case the SPD must also be grounded to make it equipotential, so connect it to a groundable lightning protector SPD for LAN (PoE+ compatible, model: OLA1000POE). In addition, the power supply side should be protected by the SPD for power supply. The most effective way to protect the power supply of critical equipment such as servers is to use a lightning protection transformer.

Also, as shown in the figure, if the buildings are separated from each other, or if the wiring length is long due to a large site, it is possible to prevent lightning surges from entering by installing SPDs for LAN lines on the primary and secondary sides, respectively.

Installation example

Lightning protection products for LAN systems