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Lightning protection for ITV and surveillance cameras

Surveillance cameras installed outdoors are susceptible to lightning surges.

Surveillance cameras, which are expected to become more and more popular in the future, often have long wiring between the camera and the control panel, recorder, or monitor, making them susceptible to lightning surges.
In particular, surveillance cameras installed outdoors or monitoring multiple buildings are even more susceptible to lightning surges.

Dangers if no measures are taken
  • Surveillance camera damaged by lightning surge
  • Control panel, recorder and monitor damaged by lightning surge
  • Loss of recorded video data from surveillance cameras

Lightning protection points for ITV and surveillance cameras

Countermeasure points
Install an SPD for ITV cameras in the vicinity of the surveillance camera and the control panel.
The latest surveillance cameras have various specifications such as PoE+ supply specification, high definition specification, etc. Therefore, it is necessary to select an SPD that meets each specification. For PoE+ specifications, use a PoE+-compatible LAN SPD (model: OLA-1000POE), and if there are multiple wires such as power cables and coaxial cables, use a power SPD or control power SPD for the power cable, and an ITV SPD for the coaxial cable. When there are multiple wires such as power cables and coaxial cables, it is important to install SPD for power supply or SPD for control power supply for power cables, and SPD for ITV camera for coaxial cables in the vicinity of the equipment.

In particular, when an outdoor camera is mounted on a pole or structure, the pole itself is grounded, and a potential difference between the ground and the camera can easily occur, and lightning surges can enter the camera through the pole itself. Therefore, as a countermeasure on the surveillance camera side, install a dedicated SPD for high-definition ITV cameras (Model: CS-BNCJJ75-T230FG2) on the surveillance camera side.

Even if a lightning surge enters from the pole itself through the earth, the SPD will operate and prevent the lightning surge from entering the camera side by connecting the surveillance camera and pole through the SPD. The SPD for high-definition ITV cameras (model: CS-BNCJJ75-T230HD2) is installed in the surveillance camera control panel exclusively for the receiver side.

Also, since power is supplied to the control panel, recorder, and monitor side, install an SPD for the power supply.

Installation example

Lightning protection products for ITV and surveillance cameras