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Lightning protection for industrial robots

Lightning protection is essential for precision equipment such as industrial robots.

In modern factories, all equipment is automated and extensively networked. In many cases, the wiring is several dozen to several hundred meters long, making it easy for a potential difference to occur between grounds (making it easy to be affected by lightning surges).

Industrial robots are also sometimes controlled remotely, and when equipment malfunctions or is damaged due to lightning surges, there are concerns about not only repair costs, but also delays in shipments and lost opportunities due to temporary suspension of operations.

Dangers if no measures are taken
  • Industrial robots malfunction or are damaged by lightning surges
  • Temporary suspension of operations and delays in shipments, etc., from the time of damage until recovery work

Lightning protection points for industrial robots

Countermeasure points
Industrial robots are controlled by control controllers, and SPDs for equipment are built into them. It is recommended to install SPD for power supply in the distribution board near the equipment as well, but it is possible to handle lightning surges on the power supply side more reliably by incorporating the control controller inside the equipment. In addition, installing a noise filter in the control controller can prevent malfunction of the equipment due to noise entering from the power supply side.

Industrial robots are controlled by LAN as a control line (assumed to be controlled by PLC) in addition to the power line, and an SPD for LAN (model: OLA-1000POE) is attached to the LAN between PLC and industrial robot, and lightning surges are released to the ground side. -An insulated type lightning protector for LAN (model: OLA-PT1000) is installed between the PLC and the PC for monitoring. Since the insulated type lightning protector for LAN does not require grounding, it is ideal for use with ungrounded equipment such as PCs. In addition, the power supply side is protected by SPD for power supply.

Installation example

Lightning protection products for industrial robots