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Lightning protection for Pumps

Pumps, which are essential lifelines, are susceptible to lightning surges.

Pumps are essential equipment for the operation of various facilities and lifelines, such as industrial water, agricultural water, and water supply and drainage for each condominium unit, etc. However, since power supply lines and signal lines such as level switches and liquid level relays are wired outdoors, the equipment is easily affected by lightning surges, and we often receive consultations on lightning countermeasures. We often receive consultations on lightning countermeasures. In recent years, the need for flood countermeasures has increased due to guerrilla thunderstorms, and when flood pumps and water level gauges fail due to lightning surges, human lives are at stake, so lightning countermeasures are essential for drainage pumps for flood countermeasures.
Pump failures have a significant impact on our daily lives, so we recommend that you consider lightning countermeasures before, rather than after, you suffer lightning damage.

Dangers if no measures are taken
  • Pump control unit damaged by lightning surge
  • Pump malfunctions or stops
  • Stopped measurement of water level measurement, incorrect display of water level measurement

Lightning protection points for Pumps

Countermeasure points
For lightning protection of the pump control panel, it is necessary to install SPDs according to each wiring.
For power supply lines, install a SPD for the power supply, and for level switches and liquid level relays, install a SPD for the control power circuit. The SPD should be installed in the control panel as close to the pump as possible to increase the lightning protection effect.
In addition to the level switch/liquid level relay, if there are external alarm lines, etc. wired to the pump, SPDs must be installed for each line.

Installation example

Lightning protection products for Pumps