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Lightning protection for EV charging stations

Note that EV charging stations are located outdoors.

Promoting the widespread use of non-gasoline vehicles such as electric vehicles (EVs) is a major global issue that is attracting a lot of attention.
The widespread use of recharging stations (quick chargers) is an essential key to promoting the widespread use of electric vehicles (EVs). Lightning protection is also necessary for these charging stations. This is because charging stations are located outdoors and are therefore susceptible to lightning.
Electric vehicle (EV) manufacturers conduct adequate surge tests, but because lightning is a natural form of energy, there is a possibility that unexpected lightning currents may enter charging stations (there are no reports of lightning surges leading to serious EV accidents at this time).

Dangers if no measures are taken
    EV charging station damaged by lightning surge

Lightning protection points for EV charging stations

Countermeasure points
For lightning protection, install a power SPD (surge arrestor) on the charging stand. This will prevent lightning surges from entering the power supply or ground.
Installing the SPD in the vicinity of the EV charging stand, which is the equipment to be protected, will provide even greater lightning protection.
By installing SPDs at charging stations and providing lightning protection, we can contribute to the promotion of electric vehicles (EVs) in a safer manner.

Installation example

Lightning protection products for EV charging stations