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Lightning protection for TV reception equipment

TV antennas installed outdoors are more susceptible to lightning surges

In many cases, TV reception equipment has long wiring between the antenna side and the booster side or TV side, so it is easy to generate a potential difference (easy to be affected by lightning surge).

In particular, TV antennas installed outdoors are susceptible to lightning induction through coaxial cables, and if they are wired to multiple homes in an apartment building through a booster for communal reception, they are even more susceptible to lightning surges.

Dangers if no measures are taken
  • Distribution unit, booster and TV damaged by lightning surge
  • Loss of data from TV recorders

Lightning protection points for TV reception equipment

Countermeasure points
We will take measures for each of the power lines and communication lines such as coaxial cables wired to the TV.

First of all, for the power supply side, install a SPD for the power supply in the distribution board to reduce lightning surges that enter from the power supply side.
Next, on the communication side, if you want to receive terrestrial digital TV broadcasts or conventional BS and CS broadcasts, use a TV coaxial cable SPD (model: CS-FPJ75-T230), and if you want to receive the 4K and 8K satellite broadcasts that will start in December 2018, use the new 4K and 8K compatible TV coaxial cable SPD (model: CS-FPJ75-T230). If you want to receive 4K and 8K satellite broadcasts starting in December 2018, use the new SPD for 4K and 8K-compatible TV coaxial cables (model: CS-FJJ75-T230HD). This SPD is not only compatible with 4K and 8K high-frequency waves, but also covers conventional broadcast waves, and features a wide bandwidth at high frequencies.

In addition to the above measures, if you are wired to your home through a communal reception facility such as a condominium, you can further reduce lightning surges by installing a lightning protector for TV antennas (Model: TGS2T (W)), which is a lightning arrester for home use, close to the TV because of the distance of the coaxial cable to the TV. The lightning protector for TV antennas can be used for power supply. It is important to connect the lightning protector for TV antenna to the power outlet and the coaxial cable respectively.

Installation example

Lightning protection products for TV reception equipment