LSK-T2720S, LSK-T3220S, LSK-T3820S

Power line Type2 SPD LSK-T for TT system

LSK-T2720S, LSK-T3220S, LSK-T3820S

  • Modular SPD for use in TT and TN-S systems ("3+1" circuit); with floating remote signalling contact.
  • JISクラスⅠ・Ⅱ
  • JISクラスⅠ・Ⅱ
  • JISクラスⅠ・Ⅱ


・Prewired complete unit consisting of a base part and plug-in protection modules.
・High discharge capacity due to heavy duty zinc oxide varistors / spark gap.
・Easy to replace the protection modules without tools.
・EU RoHS Compliant with regulated substances.




Type LSK-T2720S LSK-T3220S LSK-T3820S
SPD according to EN 61643-11
/IEC 61643-11
Nominal a.c. voltage (Un) 230 / 400 V
(50 / 60 Hz)
230 / 400 V
(50 / 60 Hz)
230 / 400 V
(50 / 60 Hz)
Max. continuous operating
a.c. voltage [L-N] (Uc)
(50 / 60 Hz)
(50 / 60 Hz)
(50 / 60 Hz)
Max. continuous operating a.c.
voltage [N-PE] (Uc)
(50 / 60 Hz)
(50 / 60 Hz)
(50 / 60 Hz)
Nominal discharge current (8/20μs) (In) 20kA
Max.discharge current (8/20μs) (Imax) 40kA
Voltage protection level [L-N] (Up) ≦1.4kV ≦1.5kV ≦1.8kV
Voltage protection level [N-PE] (Up) ≦1.5kV ≦1.5kV ≦1.5kV
Follow current extinguishing capability [N-PE] (Ifi) 100 Arms
Response time [L-N] (tA) ≦25ns
Response time [N-PE] (tA) ≦100ns
Max. mains-side overcurrent protection 125 A gL/gG
Short-circuit withstand capability for max.
mains-side overcurrent protection (Isccr)
25 kA rms
Temporary overvoltage (TOV) [L-N] (Ut) -Characteristic -withstand mode 335V / 5sec. 335V / 5sec. 335V / 5sec.
Temporary overvoltage (TOV) [L-N] (Ut) -Characteristic -safe failure mode 440V 120min. 440V 120min. 440V 120min.
Temporary overvoltage (TOV) [N-PE] (Ut) -Characteristic -withstand mode 1200V / 200m sec. 1200V / 200m sec. 1200V / 200m sec.
Operating temperature range (Tu) -40℃~ +70℃
Operating state / fault indication Green : Normal / Red : Failure
Number of ports 1
Cross-sectional area (min.) 1.5mm2 solid / flexible
Cross-sectional area (max.) 35mm2 stranded / 25mm2 flexible
For mounting on 35mm DIN rails acc. to EN 60715
Enclosure material thermoplastic, UL 94 V-0
Place of installation Indoor installations
Degree of protection IP 20
Capacity 3+1 module(s)
Approvals TUV, CE
Conformity to environment Comply to RoHS requirement
Type of remote signalling contact changeover contact
a.c. switching capacity 250V / 0.5A
d.c. switching capacity 250V / 0.1A
125V / 0.2A
75V / 0.5A
Cross-sectional area
for remote signalling terminals
max. 1.5mm2
solid / flexible

Dimension drawing

LSK-NS2720S, LSK-NS3220S, LSK-NS3820S