GL-15DR, GL-15DR2

Surge arresters for DC train lines

GL-15DR, GL-15DR2

  • Surge arresters specially designed for DC train lines


・Surge arresters specially designed for DC train lines.
・DC nominal voltage is 1500V, discharge start voltage is over 9kV.
・Uninterrupted current due to non-linear resistance of ZnO element
Installation examples

Installation examples




Type GL-15DR GL-15DR2
Nominal voltage DC 1500 V
Maximum continuous operating voltage DC 1800 V
DC sparkover voltage 9 kV or more
Standard lightning impulse sparkover voltage 25 kV peak or less
Voltage-time characteristic ( At 0.5µs ) 29 kV peak or less
Withstand voltage of housing Power-frequency 20 kV
Lightning impulse 50 kV
Residual voltage 3000A discharge current (Wave shape : 8/20µs) 25 kV peak or less
5000A discharge current (Wave shape : 4/10µs) 28 kV peak or less
Operating duty 1000A discharge current( Wave shape : 8/20µs) 5 applications of each polarity, for a total of 10
High-current impulse withstand (Wave shape : 4/10µs) 30 kA, 2 applications
Mass About 3kg
Applicable service conditions Ambient temperature : -20℃ to +40℃, Altitude : 1000m or less


Zinc oxide type surge arresters with series gap,
porcelain insulator type, dedicated to direct current (DC) train lines (Arrester, LA)

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LA Connector

  • ST-D3
・Safe and easy inspection of lightning arresters. It is easy for put on and take off.

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