What is Surge Isolation Transformer(SIT)? Knowledge of lightning protection products

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What is Surge Isolation Transformer(SIT)?

What is a surge isolation transformer (SIT)? Is it more effective at protection than a SPD?

A surge isolation transformer (SIT) is a transformer that mainly consists of isolation transformers (separates the primary and secondary windings) and SPDs (lightning arresters). SIT suppresses lightning surges that enter the power line with a SPD (lightning arrester) built into the transformer and is highly resistant to lightning due to the high insulation of the primary and secondary windings of the transformer and the effect of attenuating lightning surges. The SIT offers better more effective protection than only using an SPD.

Features of SIT
  1. ①Shields the intrusion route of lightning surges and has high lightning protection.
  2. ②Attenuates lightning surges from 1/100 to 1/10000.(For a 1/10,000 SIT called surge shelter, 10,000V input lightning surge gives a 1V output)
  3. ③Very high lightning surge withstand voltage of 30kV
Features of SIT

Types of SIT