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Promotion of fair research activities

Basic Policy on Measures to Prevent Improper Use of Public Research Funds

OTOWA ELECTRIC CO., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "the Company") has formulated the following basic policy on fraud prevention measures based on the "Guidelines for the Management and Audit of Public Research Funds at Research Institutions (Implementation Standards)" (revised on February 1, 2021), and will take measures to properly manage and operate public research funds.

Compliance with laws, regulations and guidelines
We will comply with laws and ordinances related to the prevention of injustice in research activities, as well as guidelines set forth by the government and research fund-allocating organizations.
Clarification of the responsibility system
In order to properly manage and operate public research funds, etc., we will appoint the following responsible persons
  • Chief Administrative Officer:President and Representative Director
  • Chief Administrative Officer:Chief Engineer
  • Chief Compliance Officer:General Manager of General Affairs Department, General Manager of Research and Development Division
  • Person in charge of promoting the prevention plan:General Manager, Engineering Headquarters
Establishment of an environment that serves as the basis for proper operation and management
The following measures will be taken in order to properly manage and operate public research funds by eliminating factors that induce injustice and building an environment and system with sufficient deterrent functions.
  • Promote clarification and unification of rules.
  • Clarify the duties and authorities
  • Raise awareness of relevant personnel by conducting compliance education and awareness-raising activities
Appropriate operation and management of research expenses
We will establish a system to check budget execution, prevent collusion with vendors, and implement ordering and acceptance inspection operations by administrative departments.
Promotion of information dissemination and sharing
In order to respond to reports of improper use of public research funds and misconduct related to research activities, we will establish a reporting counter and a consultation counter.
How monitoring should be conducted
In order to ensure proper management of public research funds among other things, the status of implementation of ordering, acceptance inspection, payment, accounting documents, etc. will be checked, and the actual inspection of goods will be conducted.