Grounding Consulting

Grounding Consulting

Grounding Consulting

What is grounding consulting?

The purpose of grounding electrical equipment is to ensure safety to protect people and equipment from electric shock and leakage accidents (safety grounding) and to ensure system functions to operate electrical equipment in a good environment (functional grounding).
The electrical and electronic equipment used in factories and offices, as well as the equipment in renewable energy facilities, is very delicate due to the use of electronic technology. Grounding is an important system that is indispensable for operating these electrical facilities in a safe and favorable environment. It is also important to know the exact ground resistivity of the site for proper grounding design.
Our grounding consulting service will help you solve these questions and build a safe and inexpensive business environment.

What is grounding consulting?

Service Introduction

Grounding Consulting Flow


Consultation (What should I do?)

What kind of problem do you need help with? Please provide specific information such as purpose, facility and location.
In order to operate and use electrical equipment safely, it is essential to satisfy the grounding performance and standard requirements indicated in the technical standards for electrical equipment.
Please feel free to contact us first. We will be happy to advise you on the appropriate policy. There is no charge up to this point.


Confirmation and preparation (What is the purpose?)

Based on the construction plan documents and drawings provided by the customer, we will examine the most appropriate measurement (method, location, point, etc.) for the customer's protection purpose and prepare a measurement manual.
After confirming the problems (equipment environment, weather environment, etc.) in advance of measurement, we will conduct on-site investigation and measurement.


Measurement (First, let's measure)

After confirming the situation at the site, we carry out necessary measurements such as earth resistivity measurement, stray current measurement, and surge impedance measurement at the site based on the procedure manual.


Analysis and grounding design (we will make proposals according to the situation)

We analyze and evaluate the measurement results, and propose the optimal grounding that best suits the environment and purpose.
At the customer's request, we propose a grounding design and construction method with a high investment effect according to the site conditions.


Construction (Let's start the actual construction)

While complying with standards and specifications and giving priority to safety measures, we proceed with construction using a rational method that gives due consideration to safety and economy in accordance with the conditions of the construction site.
Even in the case of direct construction by the customer, we will provide on-site construction guidance upon request.

  1. Various types of grounding to achieve grounding resistance values that comply with laws and regulations (standards and specifications)
    • Horizontal electrode method (mesh grounding, ring grounding, wire grounding, band grounding, band grounding + grounding resistance reducing agent, etc.)
    • Vertical electrode method (boring grounding, rod grounding, plate grounding)
    • Grounding using structures
  2. Prevention of accidents involving humans and equipment (stride voltage design, etc.) and safety measures
  3. Equipotentiation design (equipotential bonding design)
  4. Low surge impedance design (design to ensure constant resistance to lightning surges)
  5. Design for common use and connection of grounding poles

Examples of grounding work