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Otowa Electric Co., Ltd. will continue to grow and develop its core technologies as a manufacturer specializing in lightning protection, with “lightning” as our keyword.
In order to do so, we recognize the importance of the global environment, and in order to realize a sustainable society, we will give consideration to the environmental impact of our business activities, and develop activities to maintain and improve a rich and blessed environment now and in the future.

  1. Set environmental targets and review them periodically to continuously improve the environmental management system and prevent environmental pollution.
  2. Comply with domestic and international environmental laws and regulations as well as our own requirements.
  3. Promote green procurement, and conduct technological development and production activities in consideration of the environment.
  4. Promote the effective use of resources and aim to build a recycling-oriented society.
  5. Strive to conserve natural ecosystems and biodiversity, and aim to build a sustainable society.
  6. Ensure that all employees are aware of our environmental activities.
  7. Disclose this environmental policy to the public.
We are ISO 14001 certified.
Otowa Electric Co., Ltd. obtained ISO 14001 certification on January 13, 2000, covering design and development, manufacturing, ordering, and shipping, and is committed to continuous environmental improvement activities. As a manufacturer specializing in lightning protection, we recognize global environmental issues as an important issue, and in line with our environmental policy, we aim to contribute to the conservation of the global environment. Specifically, we have set environmental goals for the development of products with less environmental impact, energy conservation, and waste reduction, and all of our employees are working together to achieve these goals. In addition, our offices and plants actively participate in cleanup activities in the surrounding areas and environmental activities in each region.

Osamu Yoshida, President, OTOWA ELECTRIC CO., LTD.

March 14, 2016

Green Procurement Guidelines

Published April 20 , 2022

8th ed.

Green Procurement Guidelines
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Environmental Activities