Drone Business

We can respond to a variety of requests for drone aerial photography.
We will also propose a flight plan that places the highest priority on safety.
We will also provide you with the original data of the aerial images taken.

Aerial photography using a drone

Qualified drone pilots at each location will propose a flight plan with safety as the top priority. We will respond to various customer requests such as inspection of building equipment and filming of construction results. We are about to conduct a variety of industrial aerial photography, from surveys and inspections of infrastructure, etc. We can operate more safely by doing this on a regular basis.

How to use drone photography

You can check the camera images in real time and take pictures according to your needs.

Inspection of external lightning protection (lightning rods, etc.)

Drone inspections can be used to check the condition of lightning rods at no cost. There is no need for a craftsman to go up on the roof, making the inspection safe and inexpensive. High-performance drones can be used for low-cost and safe inspections of lightning receivers and downed conductors that are difficult for people to reach.

Inspection of solar panels

Drone flights make it possible to inspect vast mega-solar power plants and rooftop power generation facilities in a short time and at low cost. There are no disadvantages of manual inspection, such as oversights or restrictions on the inspection location.

Inspection of outdoor equipment

We offer inspection services for plants, factories, buildings, condominiums, and other facilities and equipment. We can cut down the cost of scaffolding and work vehicles, and also cut down the time required for inspections without entering dangerous areas, making it easy to inspect a wide area. Regular inspections will help you find problems in buildings and equipment at an early stage.

Why Choose OTOWA Drones?

Merit①Drone inspections will promote smart technology

  • In addition to compensating for the shortage of inspection personnel, the introduction of ICT will help promote the digitization of inspection result data.

Merit②Safety is the top priority

  • We will propose a flight plan that gives top priority to safety.
  • Inspections can be conducted without people entering dangerous areas. There is no need to climb to high places with lifelines or fish down walls with wires.

Merit③Professional operation

  • A pilot with knowledge of the Civil Aeronautics Act and drone flight will visit you.
  • A pilot with knowledge of aviation laws and drone flight will visit you. A drone pilot and a safety observer will be assigned to ensure that there is no contact with obstacles or third parties.
  • Qualified drone pilots are available at each location.

Merit④Cost reduction

  • Dramatically reduce the cost of scaffolding and work vehicles.
  • Inspection time is drastically reduced because a wide area can be inspected easily.

Flow of drone aerial photography inspection

We are available nationwide. Please contact us first.

We will propose a flight plan that meets your needs.

We will conduct meetings and site inspections as necessary.

We will provide you with a quotation.

After the order is placed, the photo will be taken on the same day.

There is a possibility of postponement due to weather conditions.

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