Lightning protection works - Lightning countermeasure consulting


Lightning protection works

Technicians with lightning protection skills install the SPD

At OTOWA, SPD is installed by engineers who have received training in lightning protection.

In order to maximize the effect of SPD, proper installation is essential.

Nationwide construction network in Japan

OTOWA’s unique nationwide construction network enables us to undertake construction and electrical work for SPD all over Japan.

Our engineers, who are located in various parts of Japan from Hokkaido to Okinawa, enable the same construction work to be carried out nationwide. We undertake lightning protection work such as SPD and lightning protection transformers in a single contract.

Installation of SPD, etc.

We provide lightning protection for electrical equipment by using SPDs for power supplies and signal lines. Our nationwide construction network enables us to provide comprehensive services from design to installation. We can undertake the entire project.

Lightning protection for buildings

We protect buildings from lightning using lightning rods, downward conductors, and grounding poles. We have a great deal of experience in this field throughout Japan.

Installation of lightning resistant transformers

We propose the installation of lightning resistant transformers to protect the power supply of particularly important equipment.
OTOWA also performs installation work, including loading, unloading, and installation of lightning transformers, which are heavy items.

Responding to construction work in a wide range of fields

We respond to a wide range of construction work, not limited to SPD installation.
In addition to lightning surge reduction work, we can handle a wide variety of electrical installation work, including power receiving and transforming equipment work, trunk line equipment work, power equipment work, outlet equipment work, lighting equipment work, and LED renewal work.
OTOWA provides construction work that meets the needs of customers, including new installation, renovation, maintenance, and periodic inspections for ordinary high-voltage for buildings, stores, factories, and condominiums, as well as low-voltage for general households.

One-point advice for SPD construction

SPD wiring should be done in the shortest distance.

The longer the wiring length, the more susceptible to lightning surges. Therefore, install SPD in each distribution board when the floors or floors are different. When wiring is done in separate buildings (metal lines are routed outdoors), it is easy to be affected by lightning surges, so installing SPDs at each wiring entry point can reduce the risk of lightning damage. Since communication systems have many wires and long wiring lengths, they are exposed to a high risk of lightning damage. By using SPDs that match the intended use, optimal lightning protection can be achieved.

Installation of SPD, etc.

We provide lightning protection for electrical equipment by using SPDs for power supplies and signal lines. Our nationwide construction network allows us to provide a comprehensive service from design to installation.

Wiring in a coiled manner may cause overvoltage.

Since lightning surges are aided by inductive alictance, SPD and surge arresters should be wired in the shortest possible distance.

Example of bad wiring

Countermeasure example.

SPD and lightning resistant transformers are set up and installed.
We perform grounding work.
We also do lightning rods and lightning equipotential bonding.
We also perform photovoltaic panel installation.
Geological and electrical grounding

Grounding work (strip electrode)

Grounding (Copper Plate)

Grounding (Boring)

Earth Resistivity Measurement

Measurement of stray current

Measurement of grounding resistance

Measurement of grounding resistance using the voltage (potential) drop method