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Message from the President

Since the beginning of the earth’s history, human beings have been thinking about how to coexist with nature and have focused their wisdom on adapting and utilizing it.
Rice cultivation, for example, has always been a blessing of nature. Yes, nature is a blessing, however it has always been inextricably linked to the feeling of fear.
Among them, lightning, which involves the element of electricity, has only increased its presence as civilized society progressed as well.
The society of today and the future will be a combination of networks and intersecting societies becoming one with the earth.
Our company was founded in 1946 under the slogan “Symbiosis with Lightning” and we have devoted ourselves to learning about lightning, so we have refined our technology for the development of lightning-resistant products with our unique testing facilities.
In addition, our company has devoted itself to the research of the zinc oxide element, which is the starting point of our established solid technological base.
While contributing to customers and social systems, OTOWA feels it is meaningful to offer its technological capabilities without any reserve.

President Osamu Yoshida
代表取締役社長 吉田 修

Sep., 1, 2021